Want to commission me?
Want to commission me?

Digital Art Commissions
Status: Open

Want to commission me?

Commission information:
<<CHIBI >>
~$10 for doodled chibi (basic color - see Monika above!)
~$20 for full body transparent colored chibi with two icons (see Novu below)

~$10 sketch w/ basic color wash
~$15 colored head-shot
~$30 colored half-body
~$40 colored full-body

✓ OCs ✓ Fanart ✓ Mild Lewd (can't draw vags/peens, I can draw tits though) ✓ Light Mecha

Active commission list: (updated 6/14/2019)
1. American_eagle: Recurrent DDLC Project
2. MLPBrian - Comic Strip
3. Adhock - NSFW UN-Chan, ME-Chan

Other projects:
1. DDLC Fanbook Project (Overseer / Participant)
2. Fate Gay Zine
3. Pokemon NPC Fanzine

Want to commission me?

Payment Options:
** Payment for digital commissions should be paid upfront. Inquiries are always welcome!

Want to commission me?

Commission Info

Commission information:
~$150 Commission per nendoroid + Supply costs (Varies depending on complexity)

*Overall nendoroid cost differs from character to character. Please feel free to talk to me about inquiries.

Nendoroid Commissions
Status: Closed

Active Nendoroid Commissions:
1. Anonymous: Yuri & Sayori DDLC
2. Amanita-ocreata: Monika DDLC
3. Matthew_floto: Monika DDLC (Black Dress ver.)
4. VelostersGod: Sora (Yosuga no Sora)
5. JT N.: Vermillion Stella (Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry)

Currently closed until August 2019.
4 Slots for Waitlists.

WAITLIST FULL / CLOSED, will open back in 2020 or upon waitlist slots dropped. Follow my twitter for the best predictions of nendoroid commission slots opening up again.

1. NayNayvSantana (Twitter): OC Katsuma
2. Griffinished48 (Reddit): Monika DDLC
3. Ozthepikachu (Twitter): Johan (YG-Oh)
4. Kiwijiarts (Twitter): OC Manami

Want to commission me?
Want to commission me?

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